The laundry industry, particularly in industrial laundry and rental garment segments, is experiencing significant growth. With this expansion comes an increased demand for automation, improved knowledge, better inventory control, and precise asset management. While the adoption of RFID technology in the laundry industry is still relatively low, companies that have implemented RFID laundry systems are reaping substantial benefits. As a result, RFID is increasingly seen as a fundamental component for technological upgrades in the washing industry.

In the next 3-5 years, it is predicted that RFID deployment will bring profound technological improvements to the laundry industry. The decreasing prices of RFID devices and RFID LinTRAK Textile Tags, coupled with improved quality and performance, are driving innovation in this area.


Reduce manual clothing classification

RFID technology eliminates the need for manual sorting of textiles. UHF RFID LinTRAK Textile Tags are attached to each piece of clothing, and as they pass through the assembly line, the software reads each RFID LinTRAK Textile Tag, determines the type of textile, and directs it to the appropriate area or machine. This streamlines the sorting process, reduces labor requirements, and enhances work efficiency.

Provide accurate washing count records

RFID enables accurate tracking of the washing cycle for each piece of clothing. This information is crucial for predicting the end-of-life of garments. When the software detects that the service life of clothing or linen is about to end, it can prompt the user to re-order replacements. This ensures that the company maintains an adequate inventory and reduces delays due to loss or damage.

Provide visibility to inventory quickly and easily

RFID technology allows for fast and efficient inventory counting, enabling precise event planning, effective operations, and preventing item loss and theft. RFID readers placed in storage rooms continuously count the textiles, providing real-time visibility of the inventory.

Reduce loss and theft

Each UHF RFID LinTRAK Textile Tag has a unique EPC number, enabling the identification of lost or stolen textiles and tracking their last location. This allows companies to take corrective actions, such as charging guests for missing linen in hotels, to prevent financial losses.
Incorporating RFID technology into laundry management can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and security. By embracing RFID laundry tracking, companies can better manage their inventory, reduce manual labor, improve asset management, and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

JYL-Tech, with 20 years of experience in RFID research and development, and 8 years of specialization in textile RFID tag design, development, production, and application, stands as a professional RFID Linen Tag manufacturer. With our extensive expertise, we understand the challenges faced by laundry companies and the critical issues that arise throughout the laundry management process.

Over the years, JYL-Tech has continuously analyzed and explored RFID LinTRAK Textile Tags, resulting in improved and consistent performance. We are dedicated to researching and developing smaller, thinner, and more reliable RFID laundry tags, all while maintaining competitive pricing.

Our RFID Linen Tag is designed to match the quality and performance of comparable tags worldwide. With a high production capacity of 100,000 pieces per day, they can efficiently meet the demands of various laundry companies.

JYL-Tech offers flexibility in RFID chip selection, with options like UCODE 8, UCODE 9, MONZA R6-P, and M730 , allowing customers to choose the best fit for their specific needs. Customization options are also available for RFID laundry tag sizes, tailoring them to individual requirements.

A significant innovation by JYL-Tech is the silicone RFID Laundry tag, boasting a thickness of only 1.7mm, making it ultra-soft and gentle on clothes and towels. The silicone tags can also feature debossed or embossed logos for branding purposes.

Our newest RFID LinTRAK Textile Tags integrates the RFID chip and core loop into a 4mm square size package module. This design enhancement makes the tag highly durable, capable of withstanding extreme conditions such as 400°C heat, chemicals, and liquid exposure.

With our ongoing commitment to innovation and product excellence, JYL-Tech is a reliable partner for laundry companies seeking advanced and efficient RFID laundry tracking solutions. Our extensive experience and technical expertise make us a leading player in the RFID LinTRAK Textile Tags manufacturing industry.

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