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JYL-Tech is a provider of a wide range of passive RFID, featuring different RFID frequencies such as 125Khz, 13.56Mhz, and 868-915Mhz. These RFID products find applications in various industries, including access control, NFC payment, supply chain , Linen management and automatic production management. The extensive product lineup includes:


JYL-Tech's diversified RAIN RFID UHF Tags & UHF Inlays product portfolio offers global customers a broad range of options to address the increasing inlay RFID tag demand from various industries and applications. 

HF & NFC lnlays & Tags

Innovative HF/NFC antenna design enables end-users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance with our standard-compliant tag HF & NFC Inlays & Tags.

RFID Hard Industrial Tags

These RFID hard tags are works well with good performance even if the the hardsh environment . This delivers mission-critical advantages for companies which see their automate tracking as a fundamental factor for competitive advantage in the global market.

RFID Reader Devices

Our RFID reader devices with the different features that are ideal for different industrials & applications. An RFID system can require integrated readers, and even handheld Bluetooth enabled devices. Many systems are also need using the same reader to identify both RFID tags and barcodes. You can find a suitable RFID reader for your project from us.

RFID Smart Cards & Tickets

JYL-Tech's RFID Smart Cards are suited for a variety of applications for access control applications like campus ID card, company ID card, staff ID card, event smart ticket, NFC payments, etc. We provide the card with overlay on to suitable for better printing effect on various printers.

RFID Wristbands & Bracelets

JYL-Tech has an extensive range of fully customizable RFID bracelets including RFID Silicone bracelets: long rang UHF RFID bracelets, Dual Frequency bracelets , RFID Woven Wristband, Eco-friendly wristband, TYVEK disposable Wristband and cashless bank EMV silicone bracelets etc.
JYL-Tech's personalization services allow customers to customize their RFID products according to their specific needs. We offer various printing technologies, including offset printing, silk-screen printing, thermal transfer printing, UV printing, and digital printing for logos, serial numbers, RFID chip UID numbers, QR codes, and even photographs. Laser processing and epoxy filling services are also available, adding further customization options.
The main force of the JYL-Tech team is a young generation born in the 1980s, who are active, positive and creative. Focused on RFID projects and marketing development since 2006: expert in RFID in various fields of application. Has extensive practical experience in the international RFID smart card, RFID smart tag, RFID washable laundry tag and RFID markets (especially Europe and the United States).
JYL-Tech offers a comprehensive range of RFID products and provides extensive personalization and customization options, making them a versatile and reliable partner for RFID solutions in various industries.





RFID Readers


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