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JYL-Tech is a provider of a wide range of passive RFID products, featuring different RFID frequencies such as 125Khz, 13.56Mhz, and 868-915Mhz. JYL-Tech is a leading expert in RFID technology smart product solutions is reinforced by our extensive experience of nearly two decades in the field. We have a strong track record of providing custom RFID and NFC technology solutions in various forms, catering to the specific needs of their clients.

We dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements is evident through our investment in RFID tag factories and our foray into IoT RFID industrial applications. By embracing Auto-ID technology and industry trends, JYL-Tech as an innovative and forward-thinking company.

Over the past five years, JYL-Tech has not only focused on innovation but also established a strong presence in the RFID tag market. We have successfully developed and mass-produced diverse RFID tags and solutions, leveraging our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the RFID industry.

We are now able to provide millions of RFID tags on a monthly basis. This production capacity showcases our ability to meet the demands of various industries and scale their solutions to match the needs of their clients.

With a proven track record and a commitment to staying at the forefront of RFID technology, JYL-Tech is well-positioned to continue leading in the RFID industry. Our ability to tailor solutions to specific requirements and their focus on continuous innovation make them a reliable and trusted partner for businesses seeking RFID and NFC technology solutions. Applications in various industries, including access control, NFC payment, supply chain , laundry management, Auto industrial and automatic production management. 
Our advantages
JYL-Tech Co., Ltd. excels in research and development across its entire RFID product line, we are a trusted RFID technology solution provider, delivering high-quality, innovative, and tailored RFID products to its valued customers.

Rich experience and expertise

With a wealth of experience in the RFID technology domain, JYL-Tech has been dedicated to the research and development of Auto ID technology. From traditional RFID tags to more advanced solutions like NFC, UHF, and RAIN RFID, the company has accumulated extensive knowledge, enabling the provision of innovative solutions for customers.

Comprehensive product line

JYL-Tech offers a wide range of RFID products, covering various RFID tags and reader devices. Whether it's standard RFID tags or specialized applications like NFC, UHF, or RAIN RFID, the company provides diversified products to meet diverse customer demands.

Customization capability

JYL-Tech values customer requirements and delivers customized RFID products. With flexible manufacturing capabilities, the company tailors products according to specific customer needs, including different sizes, materials, encapsulation methods, chip types and various working environment.

High-performance chip selection

JYL-Tech utilizes high-performance chip brands such as Impinj, Alien, NXP etc., in RFID tag production. These superior chips ensure excellent reading and writing performance, offering stability and outstanding performance in real-world applications.

Innovative technology

Continuously pursuing RFID technology innovations, JYL-Tech actively develops novel RFID products and explores new application areas to meet ever-changing market demands.

Quality assurance

JYL-Tech prioritizes product quality and reliability. Strict quality control measures are implemented throughout the production process, employing premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure stable RFID product performance.
Development history


JYL-Tech was founded in 2006, and our initial focus was on manufacturing RFID cards. This marked the beginning of our journey in the RFID technology space. Our main market focus on west Europe and America .


As the company grew, we ventured into producing RFID wristbands for a prominent e-wallet system in Scandinavia in 2014. Additionally, JYL-Tech supplied millions of NFC keyfobs to a famous retailerbrand in east of Europe, Now our ability to handle large-scale orders and cater to diverse industries.


Our growth and success led to further investment and expansion. JYL-Tech established its second factory dedicated to manufacturing RFID labels in 2017. At mean time, we also embarked on an RFID parcel tracking project for Deutsche Post, JYL-Tech as a leading player in the RFID solutions industry from now on.


JYL-Tech keep commitmenting to innovation as we engaged in research and development to create new RFID products. We launched RFID textile linen laundry tags in 2019, catering to the needs of the hospitality and laundry industries.

Throughout the years

JYL-Tech has demonstrated our ability to adapt to market demands and technological advancements. We have expanded our product offerings, invested in advanced manufacturing facilities, and explored new applications for RFID technology. JYL-Tech from establishment to becoming a leading player in the RFID industry, driven by growth, innovation, and a focus on providing high-quality solutions to their clients.





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